Swivel is a creative, left field, branding photography service providing photo & video content to small independent businesses.

Swivel understands that connecting with your target audience via quality imagery can make or break your brand.

Who you are: You’re an ambitious, vibrant entrepreneur trying to perfectly broadcast your awesome skills, exceptional creative talents and kick-ass services. Let's talk.

Who is Swivel? It's me, Jonny, a one-man professional service provider who understands personal branding isn’t necessarily all about corporate headshots and Pinterest-inspired utopias. It’s the real you that customers want to see. And I'm a big fan of giving the people what they want. Think about it: if you’re scrolling through Tinder and someone doesn’t have a proper photo, you don’t swipe right, do you? What kind of a sociopath doesn’t have a proper photo?




Swivel takes the hassle out of producing visual content. Specialising in helping independent business owners, typically solopreneurs or small teams. If you’re:


Personal branding photography is:

Well actually, no. Swivel doesn’t roll like that. In fact, that can all go Swivel.

It’s so easy to look at traditional branding photography and think, ‘Um, no thank you.’ The forced laughing, the overly earnest staring at laptops, the endless, relentless artisan cups of coffee. Convention dictates that personal branding needs to ooze professionalism and seriousness with just a hint of whimsy to keep things “fun”. The result is often a little on the – shall we say – “safe” side.

For y'all young (or not so young) entrepreneurs who are trying to stand out in the crowd, “safe” is just not going to cut it.


Remember what they said about first impressions?

Well, they ain’t lying: you do only get to make the one. Great images connect you to your clients. They speak to your clients. They leap outta the screen, grab your clients by the scruff of the neck and shout: “I AM WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR, BABY!” That kinda imagery is worth its weight in gold and that, my friend, is why you need Swivel.

Tell your story. Swivel is a one-man personal branding service that gets wondrous results for you and your business.

Swivel communicates your brand using a blend of photojournalism, lifestyle and portraiture and makes a meaningful connection with your target audience. Fun, relaxed, easy-going and very effective.

Swivel photography adds incredible value to your online presence. The importance of professional branding photography is tricky to grasp until you’ve experienced it: there is a WORLD of difference between a thoughtfully-shot professional set of images and a few snaps taken by your mate on their phone (even if they do have the latest iPhone). Without wanting to sound like a t**t, there isn’t room on this page to explain the vast differences between these two routes.



Swivel offers affordable branding subscriptions to hustlers, rustlers, movers, shakers and artisan candlestick makers, working with start-ups and up-starts and everyone in between.

Having to constantly find great content to post on social media proving a ball-ache? I hear you.

Swivel covers all of your short term or ongoing photography needs and keeps the costs manageable. All while working closely with you to define the vibe you’re going for, what we’re selling and who we’re selling it to.




So, you’ve clocked just how awesome proper branding photography can make your business and you’re keen to get cracking. You know that pictures of you are actually as important as product/service imagery and that you need to be SEEN in order to get BOOKED. If you’re a small business (like Swivel), you’ll be wearing many hats and juggling many plates: you are your company’s marketing department, accounts team and board of directors all rolled into one very busy person. I hear you. Outsourcing your brand photography might be festering somewhere at the bottom of your arm-length to-do list and you might be worrying about the cost to boot. Not to add to that worry, but I'm here to tell you that (are you sitting down?)...

You’re going to need more than one shoot. In fact, you need an ONGOING photography service.

I know. What the actual fudge? But I guarantee you'll see best results when we work together on a reoccurring basis. Think about it: your business is always evolving so having multiple shoots a year allows for newer products and services to be highlighted. If your product is seasonal, you’ll need a couple of shoots either end of the year to capture them. If you need social media shots (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to need a constant source of in-house images that are taken on different occasions for variety.

All starting to sound mighty expensive, no?

Actually, no. Doesn’t have to be.

What you need is a monthly subscription with an awesome branding photography service who you can trust.

Swivel creates imagery that slaps those dream clients in the face with a wet fish (but y’know, in a good way).




SMALL MONTHLY COST, BIG RESULTS. There aren’t many investments you can make in your business that guarantee marketing results, but regular photoshoots delivering on-brand imagery is always a safe bet.

TAME YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media - that mysterious beast - can be tricky to navigate even when you know what you’re doing. Scrabbling around for content is a bitch of a job, often resulting in half-hearted results. With a regular photographer who gets your brand and what it needs on side, you’re already winning.




BOX FRESH CONTENT. Your clients are clever. They’re savvy and shrewd and will pick up on stale or low quality photography really quickly. Keep your brand fresh and up-to-date and that first impression will ZING. Together we'll keep that momentum going. After one amazing branding shoot, everything looks awesome and the dream clients are rolling in. But then, six months down the line, everything’s starting to look a bit dated (especially with lifestyle shots). Damn. You’ve lost that beautiful momentum you painstakingly built up, and now need to start all over again. Having regular shoots booked in avoids this conundrum.

BRAND-BUILD AS YOU GO. Low pressure, great results. You don’t need all the answers straight away. Kick your subscription off with what you think you need done most urgently, then review it at our next shoot. Together we'll build your brand and increase awareness. The more work we do together the stronger your brand becomes.



A RISK-FREE MARKETING INVESTMENT. As a small or medium-sized business owner it's hard finding a way to set yourself apart without breaking your marketing budget. Google and Facebook ads are confusing and can take up a lot of time and waste money. Personal Branding Photography offers a huge ROI. You'll see results immediately and continue to see them over the lifetime of your business.

CONSISTENCY. It’s key. You need to look and sound like YOU at all times. It’s crucial.




It’s me. Jonny. After leaving school, I studied Image Production at Art College and have been a professional photographer for over a decade. I've helped Michelin starred chefs, baristas, ventriloquists, fishmongers, illustrators, mortgage brokers, co-working spaces, estate agents, pubs, dog-groomers and gym-owners (to name a few faves) get seen in their optimal marketplaces.

As a small business owner and creative bod myself, I get you and your business instinctively. I know that you want branding photos that are relaxed, real and perfectly reflective of your personality and brand ethos. You know what they say:

Great personal branding photos: the difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t.*

In short, if you’re looking for someone who takes the traditional mould of personal branding photography and boots it out the window in favour of something waaaay cooler, then I’m your guy.

*They don’t say this...but I do.